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Lisbon Trip - Youth Voice

Speak UP!

Bairro da Torre - TAKE IT! - Don't stay too long in a place which you can't love! In the 26 january the builder bridges go to Bairro da Torre to visit the Young Division, which are implementing the project TAKE IT. The people required for the project are the youngsters from 15 to 30... Continue Reading →

No potential left behind

"What we want to do is build a bridge for them to do what they feel are interested in" Youth unemployment is becoming a serious problem all around Europe, with more and more young people unable to find a job or unqualified for those around them. However, there are examples of projects fighting against this... Continue Reading →

‘Take. it’ and share it

Cascais; a crystalline town east of Lisbon, glistening and rich in history, pride and royal architecture. From the Citadel of King Charles to the mosaic basil and lime cobles stones right back to fishing ports and beaches. Within all of this history and proudly preserved pictures of the past lies an undeniably thriving and hungry... Continue Reading →

Local projects

Our group is called youth power and this is our blog. We will begin by introducing ourselves… Sziasztok! Rebeka vagyok. So, hi, I'm Rebeka from Hungary. I'm working as a youth worker, I coordinate a youth club and I am one of the mentors of the local youth council. I participate to learn and catch... Continue Reading →

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